Thank you for joining Live Like a Mother...The Collective! Welcome to this crazy collection of women...I am so excited to have you!

This group was created by me, Jessica Groff, Nutritionist. I am a holistic nutritionist and mama to crazy twin girls.

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As I welcome you to LLAM I'd like to make sure you are familiar with the rules as this group grows.

Breaking these rules will result in one warning and then removal/ban from the group.


**No blocking admins (Automatic ban)

**ABSOLUTELY NO bashing will be tolerated! Name calling in this group is considered the same as bashing. There is a way to express your opinion while not insulting someone else. We teach our children to be respectful of others. We all need to keep in mind that people post about their real life situations. Our words do matter. Think about what you say before you say it.

**Spamming comments. You are entitled to your opinion and you are free to share that opinion. You cannot however shove your opinion down the throats of others. Arguing your opinion on every comment constitutes spam and it can result in you being removed from the group.

**Absolutely No Body Shaming will be tolerated. We will ban you instantly!

**This group promotes religious tolerance. Bashing or making fun of another religion is the same as bashing and you will receive a warning or removal from the group

** Posts about porn will be deleted. It is a subject that always causes a fight and we would rather avoid fighting.

**Posts about rape or sexual abuse is not allowed.

** Posts about abortion will be deleted. It is a highly sensitive and personal topic and posts regarding abortion always causes drama.

***Posts or comments suggesting animal cruelty will result in an immediate ban from the group.

**Please do not post about open court cases or current abuse situations. If you need help feel free to reach out to me and I will provide any info available.

**Please do not post about taxes. Taxes are federal and we aren't accountants. Posting about taxes leads to questions about taxes. Taking tax advice from a stranger can literally send you to jail.

**Taking screenshots to share with other groups/ people is not allowed and is an automatic ban. This is a private group and the information shared in here is not to be shared with anyone who is not a member.

**Sharing screenshots or pics with someone else's personal info is not allowed. Nor is the sharing of personal info such as addresses or phone numbers.

**Please do not share a screenshot from another group that makes you angry. We expect our members to maintain the groups privacy and we will afford other groups the same respect.

** Please do not post pictures of children that are not your own.

**No Live Videos.

**No personal blogs.

**No page shares.

** If your post is just to complain about the group don't even waste your time. We will not approve.

**No Sales Baiting posts.

**No Click Bait...this means do not attempt to post a link that is meant to just get members to click for the rest of the story. Usually it is a headline that is very misleading.

**If your post says *delete if not allowed* we will ask you to edit it. There's no need to write that. We will determine if it's allowed.

**No promoting/posting other groups without prior owner/manager approval. If your post is approved it is a one time share only unless another share agreement has been reached.

**Gofundme accounts are not allowed without prior owner/manager approval. If your post is approved it is a one time only share.

**No voting or contest posts.

**Piggyback posts- after a post has gotten deleted or comments have been turned off by an admin- will not be approved, as it will just cause more drama

**Personal photos of children in carseats are not allowed - posts or comments.

**No nudity of any kind.

**No men. Attempting to add a man to the group will result in warning.

** No "post a selfie, and whoever likes it, add them as a friend" posts are allowed. Members use these type of posts to promote their business. However we do encourage you to make friends. Keep in mind that adding someone for business will result in an automatic ban.

**This is not a buy/sell/trade group so posts like this will not be approved.

**Touchy subject must include **trigger warning** It is better to have a trigger warning and not need it than to need a trigger warning and not have it.

** if your trigger warning post contains pictures please post those in the comments.

**No soliciting sales or gofundme to members via personal message! (If this happens to you, please take screenshot and report to an admin)

**No political posts.

**No screenshots that show someone else's name or contact information.

**No race baiting posts.

**We do not allow posts that talk about use of an illegal substance.

**All posts are subject to admin approval. If you have a post that will potentially create drama we reserve the right to delete that post.

****Code of Conduct Rule*** If you criticize, do so constructively. If your comment is not helpful, pertinent uplifting or kind, scroll on. If you behave in a manner that is not deemed appropriate we reserve the right to ban without warning at admin discretion


If someone messages you with their business please message me.

Thank you for taking your time to read! Have fun :)