The Live Like a Mother Wellness Experience

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I'm imagining what your day must be like…

Hustling the kids from activity to activity. Making baskets for the latest PTO event. Begging your family to buy the wrapping paper to benefit your kids' school. Doctors appointments. Work. Side job. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • When was the last time that you did something for yourself?

  • When was the last time you did something to improve your own health - to be able to LIVE your life, instead of just surviving it?

  • Why has it been so long since you went to the gym? 

  • Why has it been so long since you just went and got your eyebrows waxed? ⠀

Is it because you feel … guilty
Guilty about taking time away from your family for something that seems so ... selfish? 
Guilty about spending the money on something so ... frivolous? 
Guilty about asking your parents/SO/a babysitter to watch your kids so that you could go do something for yourself? 
Guilty because when was the last time that your SO asked for an hour to go do something for him/herself?
Guilty for needing to get away in the first place?
Well, sweet friend...I've got news for you. Taking an hour a week to yourself is not selfish -- it's SURVIVAL.
It fills your tank.
It keeps you sane. 
It keeps you HEALTHY.
Now that we've got the facts out of the way...where do you start???
No, seriously. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
All you have to do is commit to ditch the guilt for one hour a week and go do something #FORYOURSELF and I'll take care of the rest.

  • Finding practitioners. 

  • Asking them for private sessions.

  • Getting the most affordable rates.

  • Scheduling the session.

    All you have to do is commit and show up. 

The Live Like a Mother Wellness Experience is a network of wellness professionals where overwhelmed, tired, time-strapped moms are PERSONALLY MATCHED with affordable service providers who can give them what they need to TAKE CARE of themselves - starting today.


Premium Experience Includes:

  • up to 8 wellness experiences per month (Nutritionist accompaniment for each first appointment)

  • an initial small group diagnostic session

  • monthly group meal plans (including shopping list and recipes)

  • a dedicated private virtual community for group members

  • two (30) minute check ins via Skype

  • a guided Farmers’ Market tour once per month

  • unlimited Voxer support with Nutritionist

POTENTIAL SAVINGS = $75-$150 per month (6 month or 12 month commitment)


Standard Experience Includes:

  • 4 wellness experiences per month (accompanied by Nutritionist for first appointments)

  • an initial small group diagnostic session

  • a dedicated private virtual community for group members

POTENTIAL SAVINGS = $40-$100 per month (6 month commitment)

This is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I'm not kidding. Or exaggerating.

Your Experience Investment

I designed this experience to provide YOU, a mama living in Bergen County, with the support you need to dramatically improve your health and wellness. You could be paying hundreds of dollars and spending a ton of time piecing together your own Wellness protocol, but the Wellness Experience is here to help you avoid doing that.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll get as a member of The LLAM Wellness Experience:

  • 1 monthly planning meeting with a Holistic Nutritionist ($175 Value)

  • Weekly Private Sessions with Wellness Practitioners ($800 Value)

  • Weekly Meal Plans from the Nutritionist ($200 Value)

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Check Ins and Accountability ($100 Value)

  • Access to Wellness Experience Partner Discounts (up to 20% off of services and products from select practitioners)

  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins with Holistic Nutritionist ($350 Value)

  • A Private Guided Hike with Holistic Nutritionist ($175 Value)

  • A Private Farmers’ Market Tour with Holistic Nutritionist ($200 Value)

  • Unlimited Voxer Support ($200 Value)

Each seat in The PREMIUM LLAM Wellness Experience is worth over $2,000 – but your investment is:

$1,500 or 6 Payments of $275

*NOTE* Even if you aren’t 100% sure about joining yet, fill out the application! Once we receive your application, we will contact you within 2 business days to schedule an 1x1 interview with Jessica to ensure this is a 100% perfect fit for your health and wellness journey.

Danielle Testimonial

“My connection with Jessica Groff all began when she became my health coach a while back. She was so motivating and upbeat, she made working out fun through different challenges and groups. Most importantly, she was down to earth.

I quickly realized that Jess was not just in this for the paycheck, she truly cares about her clients and constantly reminds you of that. So when she began her journey into holistic nutrition, I was sure to follow her.

In just a single 1x1 session, she helped me with ALL OF THE THINGS!

Daily time management, Meal planning, Communication with my children and husband, Health concerns — and she even gave me a bunch of helpful tools like checklists and charts.

She is constantly checking in on me, seeing how I'm doing, asking if I am struggling with anything.

If you haven't had a session with Jessica Groff, I highly recommend doing so. She has helped me tremendously and I am so glad our paths crossed when they did.”

Danielle Falco {Mom, Wife, Boss}