Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed out?

We have the power to heal ourselves through holistic diet and lifestyle changes, and I’m here to help you find your individual path to wellness.


Meet Jessica

I am a holistic nutritionist and women’s wellness expert.

In 1991 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2013, I gave birth to twin girls 8 weeks premature. Today, I am thriving in my life — leading by example.

We all have our own darkness to overcome, but I want to help you take your life back! We'll work together in a partnership to address the root causes of your struggles and create a plan to get you out of survival mode. Let's find your freedom by taking control of your health.



Here’s some free stuff for you, girlfriend!


5 Day Healthy Dinner Menu

You’re exhausted and you feel like you are about to snap ANY SECOND.

The kids are asking what’s for dinner.

You reach into the freezer and pull out some frostbitten meat.

And then you reach for the phone, feeling guilty about ordering takeout (again).

Get started with easy and healthy dinners right here.


Ready to get a jumpstart?

The #1 complaint that I hear from women is that they just DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to take care of themselves.

Well, I’m here to give you some time BACK.

I’ve created a 5-step program to help YOU put some much-needed time back into your day.


Aware Meditation App

If you are struggling with brain fog, high blood pressure, anxiety, trouble sleeping, or mental health issues, meditation may be the just the routine you need in your life!

Click the link below to sign up for a 7 day free trial of Aware App. The first person to use code AWARE50 will receive 50% off of a full subscription.

If you are a student or suffering with a mental illness, Aware will provide you with a free lifetime subscription. Simply email


My Food Philosophy

Life should not revolve around food...but it does. Everything we do in a day revolves around the meals that we eat. The way we feel revolves around what we eat. Our most special occasions are planned around the meals that we will serve. And as a nation, we have formed some really bad habits around food.

Diets that are restrictive are not sustainable. Like toddlers, the more we take something away, the more we want it. It's important to develop habits around food that bring us to a place where we crave the healthy alternatives, and it's possible to do that if we start today!


Quick + Easy Healthy Recipes

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Let’s keep it real in diet and lifestyle!