Is That for Pick Up or Delivery?

Hershey and I are chronic offenders.  If anything (and I mean ANYTHING) doesn't go our way in the course of our day, we order in.  

It all started when I was pregnant.  I lost my sense of taste, and everything made me nauseous.  So I stopped wanting to cook.  I distinctly remember one night early in my pregnancy when I was trying to cook a meal for us.  I realized that nothing tasted right, and I put WAYYY too much garlic salt on my green beans.  That was the breaking point.  I stood in the kitchen, crying, holding my bamboo spatula, screaming, "I CAN'T EVEN COOOOOOOOK!!"

Now, if you know me at all, you know I love to cook.  Cook, bake, you name it, I'm in the kitchen doing it.  Therefore, this moment in my pregnancy was quite traumatic for me, and from that point on, we ordered in.  

Fast forward to the birth of the little ladies.  Since we spent 6 weeks running to and from the NICU, who had TIME to cook?!  My mom, inlaws, and family members brought us tons and tons of food, and thank goodness for them!  But whenever we didn't have food dropped off, we had it delivered.  I mean, we are definitely putting some delivery guy's kid through college based on our delivery tips alone.

When I worked in Newark, I tried making us a weekly menu.  I sat down on Sunday nights, and I typed up the menu for the week.  Here's what it looked like:

Yes, I even had a fancy border and seasonal-themed watermark.  I hung it on the fridge every week, and it WORKED.  

I feel like the hardest part about cooking dinner every night when you have a super busy schedule is being creative -- coming up with something DIFFERENT to make to eat every night.  And when you can't come up with something to make, you just come up with a menu - to Chicken 'N Rib CribSopranosPanchos get the point.

In the interest of saving - time, money, my waistline - I have decided to come up with a weekly menu once again.  But I'm going to make it themed this year, in hopes that the routine will help (since we are now busier than EVER).

Here we go:

Meatless Mondays

Take Out Tuesdays (Can't give it up all together)

Wild Card Wednesdays (Spin the dinner spinner and take it where it lands)

Turkey Taco Thursdays

Fishy Fridays

Saucy Saturdays

Soupy Sundays

I'll post our weekly menu in the weekly round-up posts I'm planning to write, and I'll try to post at least one recipe a week on my recipes page.  Wish us luck!

We are also trying out different foods every 3 days with the girls now.  So far, they have had rice cereal, apples, sweet potatoes, and bananas.  Tomorrow they try carrots.  So far, nanas are their very VERY favorite food!