An Open Letter to Jane - On Your First Birthday

Dear Jane,

Last week, you turned One.Year.Old.  

Before you were born, we knew that you were going to have to be a fighter.  And so you are.

You have been through more than most little girls your age, and you face each and every obstacle with a strength of spirit that I admire.  Your Daddy and I have watched you in awe over this past year, as you overcame a premature birth, a surgery, illnesses, and fall-down-go-booms without EVER becoming bitter or angry.

Each morning, you greet us with a smile and a squeal that lights up our day from the moment we open  your nursery door and say, "Hi Boo!".  

And I can never get sick of seeing that special smile that you save just for ME.

You attack each day with a hunger for life and knowledge that I have never seen in a kid before.  Forget walking, you stood up and RAN before you turned one.  You are independent and smart.  You are a problem-solver, and are totally content sitting in the corner waving a remote control around.  

And just when I think that life cannot beat me down any more, you have a knack for knowing that "Mama needs a hug" and you run *sideways* over to me and give me a big, wet, somewhat violent hug.  

It's The Best.

You love Small Potatoes and your wooby.  You like to stop to pet Hallie in the morning on your way out of your bedroom.  You come running whenever you see a bottle, and when you finish yours you would wrestle your sister's bottle out of her hands if we would let you.  You love making silly faces.

You love your sister.  You always have.

You love your Daddy.  You always have.

And when I look into your eyes, I know love like I've never known love before.

Thank you for letting me be your Mama, and for bringing such light and love into my life.  You are my sunshine, and I will remember each moment of your life, so that I can remind you every day of the reasons why you are so amazing and awesome and how loved you are.

I love you, Baby Girl.

Love Always,

Your Mama