My Foodie Month: Week Four

Alright, here it comes...I said I would do it in under $1,000.  We had a couple of big splurges, but other than that, I think we did pretty great! 

Oakland Giant Farmer's Market

2 lbs grapes

cucumber crunchers

pre-sliced broccoli

portabella mushrooms

pre-cut zucchini

fresh coleslaw mix

1 vidalia onion

2 avocados

4 lemons

1 bunch cilantro

2 bags of organic spring mix

1 cantaloupe

1/2 watermelon

1 bunch kale

1 pineapple

1 bunch bananas

1 pint organic strawberries

7 apples

2 quarts blueberries

2 containers mini grape tomatoes



ShopRite From Home

4 bags Carolina Rice

2 boxes LaCroix Coconut

4 Bags hard pretzels

s'mores ingredients (chocolate bars, marshmallows, graham crackers)

organic maple syrup

organic crushed tomatoes

4 cans tuna

Pam Spray

potato bread

2 London broils

1 flank steak

2 Aidell Chicken Sausage

2 packages wholly guacamole minis

1 package organic tempeh

4 Granny Smith Apples

Annie's Yogurt

Applegate hot dogs

low sodium ham

Farmland cooked ham

2 boxes bagel bites

Eggo Blueberry and Oats waffles

2 bags organic frozen mixed veggies

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries

Alexia French fries

Fresh Salmon



Amazon Fresh

New Barn Organic Almondmilk

Annie's Pepperoni Pizza Poppers

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Dozen Organic Free Range Extra Large Brown Eggs

Organic 2% Cottage Cheese

Just BARE Chicken Breast - Family Pack

Greek Yogurt

Starbucks House Blend Coffee

Dave's Killer Bread 





Tally for the Month



Now, OBVIOUSLY, we splurged a bit this month, which put us OVER our $1k. 

NEXT month will be BETTER. Who wants to follow along??