My Foodie Month: Week One

This month I will be chronicling every penny that I spend on food, so that you can see how I spend less than $1,000 a month feeding my family of four {mostly} organically.

As you can see below, I made quite a few stops this weekend. The 3 physical stops that I made to the Farmer's Market, the fruit stand, and Stop & Shop took me under 2 hours (with a stop home to drop off the girls, who, of course, had to pee). My weekends don't typically look like this, as you will see in next weekend's post.

Also, what you will see in this haul is that I did not buy much meat. That is because I usually bulk purchase meats at the end of the month and stick them in my freezer, almost exclusively from Amazon Fresh (except for salmon, which I purchase from Costco). I plan my family's meals most weeks based upon which proteins I have available in the freezer. So the end of the month usually looks like a lot of cheeseburgers and tuna.

There are items on this list that I will not buy every week, such as donuts and cookies (a special treat for the girls, who were extra good for me at the Farmer's Market), cat treats and toys (which I do not include in my food budget, anyway!), and the ingredients for s'mores (which will last us well into the summer since we don't do them that often).

My stretch goal for this month is to technically spend under $800 on groceries, especially heading into the summer months. The $1,000 that I originally quoted on my Facebook post also included my Shakeology and weekly milk delivery for the girls (which I'm about to drop significantly, as they just do not drink as much milk as they used to).

Stop 1: Ramsey Farmer's Market

Southtown Farms

1 lb ground pork

1 lb nitrate/sugar free bacon

2 dozen eggs



Blooming Hill Farm

5 bags of lettuce

bunch of cilantro

bunch of orange mint

2 red onions



Orchards of Conklin

Bunch of Kale

4 red apples

bag of apple cider donuts

box of homemade chocolate chip cookies



Stop 2:   Stop & Shop

2 Boxes Sourdough Pretzels

2 Bags marshmallows

1 package of chocolate bars

1/2 lb white American cheese

5 green apples

2 packages Cracker Barrel cheese sticks

2 packages shredded Mexican Cheese



Stop 3: Oakland Giant Farmer's Market



sweet potatoes


mini sweet peppers



can of skipjack tuna





8 Boxes Rice A Roni

2 Bags Cat Treats ($2.25 + $1.82)

Champagne Vinegar

Avocado Oil

2 Boxes Peppermint Tea

Califia Farms Coffee Creamer

Coconut Aminos

Corn Chex

Coconut Milk

Balsamic Vinegar

Gallon Ziplocs

2 jars coconut peanut butter ($2.98 x 2) (this doesn't really count because I bought them for someone who is paying me back!)

Cat Treat toy ($7.95) (I don't count cat food/treats/toys towards my food budget, but it's part of this order so I left it)


$78.56 (shipping is free)

-$10.03 for extras