The Truth About Crying

See that little mama on the left? That big, beautiful, contagious smile... 


You wouldn't know it, but an hour ago she was inconsolable. I mean, full blown MELTDOWN. Screaming. Kicking. Nothing we said made it better. In fact, every time we said anything to her, she got more frantic and louder.  

Here's what I understand about my daughter's tantrums. Sometimes it's totally ridiculous. Today it was because she didn't want to take a shower. It seems nonsensical. You want to console her. Bargain with her. Yell at her. Scold her. Anything to just make. it. stop. 

But every once in a while she just needs a good cry. Because it feels good. She's frustrated and doesn't know how to express it. We've all been there. She is a tiny little ball of energy and hormones and feelings and she has to let that shit out!  

Think back to your last heartbreak. Your last ugly cry. Driving down the highway, blasting "Stronger" by B. Spears, ugly crying your heart out and screaming the lyrics while pounding the steering wheel. No? Just me? K moving on... 

So what do I do when this happens? Which tactic do I choose?  

None of the above. I say as little as possible, grab a blanket, and hold her while she cries it out. Let it out, girlfriend.  

And when she calms down, I whisper, "Sometimes we just need a good cry. Mama understands that." 

Honestly, Mama sometimes needs a good, nonsensical cry, too. B. Spears blasting in the background and all.

And when all is said and done, her mood lifts and she's off to her outgoing and playful rowdy stubborn strong-willed self again.  

Until next time... 

Jessica Groff