My journey to wellness began with a plate of melted Polly-O.

When I was in high school, that was my favorite snack. I would come home, cut off a block of cheese, put it on a plate, and microwave it for 60 seconds. Then I would eat it. Just like that. Warm and gooey.

It wasn’t until I graduated college that I realized that I was addicted to food that was terrible for my health. And not just for my health, but for my mental well-being.

I heard someone say recently that “Food is the primary source of information that we put into our bodies from the outside world.”


So when I was considering what roots would form the foundation of Renegade Wellness Co., the number one root — the root that all else grows from — would have to be FOOD.

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Life should not revolve around food...but it does. Everything we do in a day revolves around the meals that we eat. The way we feel revolves around what we eat. Our most special occasions are planned around the meals that we will serve. And as a nation, we have formed some really bad habits around food.

And honestly, we should all just…

Eat dirty..png

I believe that the food that we eat should be whole, closest to the dirt that it comes from, and bought from local vendors, when possible. I believe that learning how your body feels after you consume different foods, and choosing what to eat based on how the food makes you feel is empowering.

Eating a donut may FEEL good in the moment, but it's all about learning how you feel in the moments after the donut is gone! The most important thing that you can do for yourself and your family is to learn healthy eating habits. Teaching our children that both fuel AND enjoyment can come from food will release them from years of struggle around food.

Diets that are restrictive are not sustainable. Like a toddler, the more you take something away, the more you are going to want it. It's important to develop habits around food that bring you to a place where you crave the healthy alternatives. Our brains have pathways that can be rewired — all you have to do is start eating healthier foods!

The problem that I see is that there is so much ambiguity around food in our country.

  • Should I eat paleo?

  • Is veganism even healthy?

  • I want to do the keto diet — I can just do that, right?

  • My best friend/sister/cousin’s best friend’s sister did Beachbody and lost a ton of weight! Me too?

The problem here is that you are not eating for YOUR health. You are not doing something that is sustainable with the lifestyle that you have already built. And Googling will bring you down any number of rabbit holes, and you will spend hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars just trying to figure out which one is best FOR YOU, only to be disappointed when you gain all of the weight back. And that brings you down a shame spiral.

Of course we all feel like failures. Of course we all feel like we can’t stick to anything. Of course we all give up hope and just resign ourselves to the story that we’ve been telling ourselves!

Nothing that we’ve done has been FOR US. It’s all been designed to keep you hooked. From the food, to the program, to the marketing. No one is tailoring these “plans” to YOU. To YOU, Jennifer. To YOU, Donna. To YOU, Christina. To YOU, Valerie.

You get my point.

The best thing to do is talk to a professional. Follow the science. Don’t believe the hype. It can be confusing, but if you work with someone to find the true path that is best FOR YOU, then you CAN get onto a path to wellness that will work for you for the LONG TERM.

The number one thing that I see new clients do when they are leaving my office for the very first time is take a deep breath and let it all out. Like they are letting go. We do hard work. We roll up our sleeves and get down in the dirt. And it is dirty work sometimes, let me tell you. But at least they feel like they’ve got someone in their corner who understands them. Who sees them. Who is going to put them on their OWN path for once.

Don’t know where to start? You know where to find me!

I’m now booking new clients and would LOVE to work with you. Book your free 20 minute initial consultation with me TODAY to see if we are a good fit!

In person and remote consultation options available.

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