Routines for Busy Moms

Think back to when you were in your 20s. Flying by the seat of your pants, going wherever the wind took you. Wake up when you want. Eat what you want when you want to. Hit the town at 7:00 on a Tuesday night for drinks with your girls. Impromptu date night. Happy hours. Life was BREEZY.

Then we got real jobs, got married, and had kids.

And all hell broke loose.

Let’s face it. We cannot live life like we used to. My husband always says that he wishes I could “just go with the flow more” or that I “used to be so spontaneous.” The fact of the matter is that now, without a plan, I feel like I’m going to come unraveled. Just the thought of not planning ahead is making me sweat right now. For real.

But what routines have we fallen into that serve us, and what routines are actually holding us back?

Today, let’s talk about some of the most nourishing routines for moms, and how to let go of the ones that are stifling our mommy-inner-badassery.

MORNING ROUTINES. Researchers have studied routines of the greats, such as Muhammed Ali and Gandhi. What they have found, consistently, is that the greats all had great morning routines, starting with rising before the sun. And while every mother out there collectively rolls her eyes at me because we all know that once we have kids we become sleep-deprived Mombies, hear me out. Every hour that you get to bed before midnight is more restorative and regenerative than every hour that we sleep AFTER midnight. Science has backed that time and time again. Also, the more time we spend in quiet tending to our OWN wants and needs before our children wake up and need ALL THE THINGS, the better prepared we are to handle all of their shit when their little dictator feet do hit the floor in the morning. We become PROactive instead of REactive. And I think that my most successful clients will tell agree with me on that. Am.I.Right? My favorite routine is Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning (affiliate link), which I try to practice at least in part every morning. And while partaking in all of the SAVERS every morning is not always a reality as a parent, at least practicing some of them is better than none. I am SURE to get in my journaling and affirmations every morning, if nothing else. The rest I can work into my day and still feel accomplished. After I do all of that, then I check my social media and email, briefly, and respond to anything that will be quick and easy. I table the rest for when my work day begins.

EVENING ROUTINES. This one is a little bit more difficult, because as a mom, my only evening routine used to be just crashing on the couch and zoning out for an hour before rolling myself into bed, sometimes right on top of the laundry that I needed to fold. However, there is something to be said for bringing a purposeful closure to your day. For me, I review my planner and make a sticky note with the most important things that I have to do the next day on it. I fill up the teapot or set up coffee to brew in the morning, take anything I need for dinner the next day out of the fridge/freezer. I brush my teeth, wash my face and use toner and moisturizer. I turn off my phone about 30 minutes before bed. I plug in my phone in the kitchen. I read a chapter of a non-work or school related book (right now I’m reading Eat. Pray. Love. For the third time - do NOT judge me!). Notice I did NOT say that I check email or social media or text messages. I find it so much easier to wind down if I am NOT reacting to or responding to work or personal emails. My evening is for me.

HABIT STACKING. It is much easier to set up healthy habits when you stack them together. For example, if you want to get healthy, start this week by drinking more water. Next week add a serving of vegetables or a Juice Plus+ capsule to that routine. The following week, after you drink your water and take your supplements, add on 20 minutes of physical activities. Now you have a HEALTHY ROUTINE that will add to your wellness. And when you perform these habits TOGETHER, it is easier to keep them all going. This is called Habit Stacking. I love this idea because it goes right in line with how our brains are wired. We are constantly looking for connections in our lives. How one event creates a cascade of other events. Habits can work this way, too. Think about it. If every day as you walk out of the house, you grab your phone and throw it into your purse and then toss your purse onto the front seat of your car, the second you forget to do one of those tasks, your whole morning is thrown out of wack. This is why habit stacking WORKS. Your brain needs to make sense of your world. This is an easy way to help it do that!

BREAKING HABITS. While we are talking about all of these healthy habits, let’s take a moment to touch on how to break BAD habits. I firmly believe that breaking habits is more difficult than creating them. Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe — to keep us comfortable. And even a habit like lighting a cigarette after a stressful situation is a coping mechanism, and once that habit is in place your brain recognizes it as a pattern that helps you to cope. And so trying to release that habit is going to be like prying a bottle out of a hungry baby’s hands — your brain just DOESN’T WANNA!!! This is where the subtle art of manipulation comes in handy. Instead of giving up that habit, you CAN trick your brain into thinking that it’s safe by ADDING a healthy habit. So with your cigarette, engage in a little bit of meditation, or with your cheeseburger add a huge helping of veggies. Your brain will start to WANT the healthy stuff, making less and less space for the bad stuff. Basically by meeting the body’s needs, you are training your brain to send the APPROPRIATE signals to the rest of your brain and body — WINNING.

And if you need a little bit of help creating and IMPLEMENTING healthy routines, I’m now booking new clients for The Body Haven Project and would LOVE to work with you. This is my TIME and BUDGET friendly 12-week coaching programs TAILORED for moms like YOU! Check out the deets here and get ready to see a true transformation in your life.

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