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Healthy Snack Review

SCHNACKS!!! Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE MY SCHNACKS!!!

If you are my client, you have also heard me say, “Why are you eating so many meals a day? Are you a goat? Do you have to graze?”

But the reality is that some people NEED to eat food throughout the day. Everyone’s body is different, and our energy needs (aka food needs) fluctuate throughout the day depending on what we are doing (or NOT doing!).

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My Foodie Month: Week Two

This week was my meat shopping week, so our bill was high. Look at all of the meat that I got from Amazon Fresh! I also splurged a bit on some ingredients that I will need to have stocked to be able to do my Whole 30 plan for the month. So, again, I have items in my shopping list that are stretchers (aka ingredients that can be stretched through several meals, ie, dates, raisins, tapioca flour, ghee, etc.).

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