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I'm No Mother

Many women hear the call of motherhood early in life. They play babies, house, dress up like brides. And when their day comes to become a mother, they fall into it like they are falling into the warmest, fluffiest bed. They have a pregnancy "glow". They LOVE being pregnant. And when the babies come, it's like they were born to be mothers. Their patience is endless. They make smiley face pancakes every morning and watch their babies sleep at night. It is amazing to watch.

 I was never that woman.

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How to Get Over Mom Guilt

I never thought I wanted to have kids. It was never in the cards for me. I was never around kids growing up, and I was awkward with small children, to say the least. When I took Early Childhood Development in high school, I was the girl who stood in the back while the little guys all filed in and I just waited...until one quiet little girl came and attached herself to me. My heart melted, and I loved her VERY much, but I looked at the other little kids and just didn't feel anything really.

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