Announcing The Body Haven Project Virtual Group Coaching Program

I was desperate.


Life felt like it was happening without me.

Around me.

I was exhausted. I felt out of control. Every time I looked in the mirror (which wasn’t often anymore) I cringed at what I saw. At WHO I saw.

My maternity clothes were tight — and my kids were 3 years old.


I snapped at everyone. At every situation. I didn’t want to go out. I was lonely when I stayed in. I hid behind my children in pictures.

I felt like my life was spinning out of control.

The #1 complaint that I hear from women is that they cannot find the ENERGY to get to the gym/meal plan/grocery shop.

I used to feel the same way. 

After my kids were born, I could not find the strength to make it through my day. I would come home and take a nap at 4:30 in the afternoon, while my kids ran around me. And when they would interrupt my ZONING OUT time, I would scream. And then I would cry.

I was guzzling coffee and Diet Cokes all day long to keep myself from dozing off at my desk between classes. 

I was a good mom, but I was just going through the motions and SURVIVING motherhood. Barely.

That's no way to live. 

The definition of haven is a place of safety or refuge.

I began slowly making my body my haven. Looking within MYSELF for refuge when the stress of life got to be too much to handle.


And that has made EVERY BIT of difference.

Today, I'm opening up my Body Haven Project Virtual Group Coaching Program to any woman who is ready to TAKE BACK her power over her own health and wellness to make this the BEST and most FULFILLING time of her life. To take steps towards SUSTAINING a healthy lifestyle. To help her to become a role model for her family and loved ones — inspiring change by walking the walk.

Not only will I help you set and smash attainable goals for your own personal lifestyle, but I will also help you to set your intentions so that you can be that woman that you’ve always wanted to be.

What's Included

  • 12 Weekly Virtual Group Coaching and Q&A sessions (via Zoom)

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Education

  • Daily Voxer access for questions, concerns, or support

  • Dedicated Voxer discussion group for participants

  • Lifetime access to all information and resources included in the program

  • 1 FREE follow up coaching session to be used at any time you wish following our time working together


Week 1: One Small Win - Defining What’s Important

Week 2: One Small Step - Developing Your Ultimate Life Vision

Week 3: Clear the Clutter - Setting Up Your Home for Optimal Health

Week 4: You Are In Control - Establishing Expectations

Week 5: Mindful Eating - Learning How to Take Control of Your Eating Habits

Week 6: Shake Your Booty - Finding and Developing a Movement Routine

Week 7: Ditch the Stress - Creating a Stress Management Plan

Week 8: Make a Plan - Generating Routines for Your New Lifestyle

Week 9: Leading with Labels - Learning to Read Labels as You Shop

Week 10: Your Clean Home - Removing Environmental Toxins

Week 11: Sleep Reset - Understanding Your Circadian Rhythms

Week 12: Find Your Purpose - Gratitude, Reflection, Hobbies

Program Duration: 12 Weeks

This is EXACTLY what I do with my most SUCCESSFUL one-on-one clients, and I am so excited to be able to offer this group coaching program at this CRAZY affordable rate to TEN busy and exhausted women. And once this group is full, I won't open the program again until JUNE. 

What’s Your Investment?



Are you ready to get committed to your own health and vitality? 

Are you ready to make YOUR BODY YOUR HAVEN??

Let's get started TODAY! 

I've already begun filling spots, so don't wait to reach out to me. I will save your spot as long as you let me know you are ready! 

Can't wait to work with you!

That’s less than a gym membership, less than your weekly mani/pedi, less than a one-hour massage, and about INFINITY TIMES the value of your lifelong health, IF you can even put a price on your health. Can you? I don’t think so.


PLUS, when you invest in your health, you’re putting your oxygen mask on for your family. Seriously!

How to Get in on The Body Haven Project...

  • Click any of the JOIN NOW buttons you see here.

  • You may use any major credit card to complete your purchase.

  • Once you submit payment, you’ll get an immediate WELCOME email with all of your log-in details to access your content and join us online!

  • When you log-in, you’ll receive all of the details on how you can get started and be successful!

You might be thinking… “but I’ve already tried everything. How do I know THIS will work?”

First, let me say this: “I get it.” Most of the women who start this program are in the exact same place as you right now.

They’ve been to tons of doctors, they’ve tried every single diet and exercise program out there. They’ve been told that only surgery can help them. Or worse, they’ve been promised that whatever solution they’ve been given is the “only” way, over and over again, only to be disappointed when it also DOES NOT WORK.

Here is how The Body Haven Project is different...

The Body Haven Project is NOT a one-size-fits-all program.

I’m here to help YOU. Each week we will dive into a protocol that has been proven to work with women from every walk of life, but it is up to YOU to personalize it to YOUR individual needs and behaviors. You will learn so much about yourself and be able to set your own personal goals that you can smash with the help of our unique support system. This program is - simply put - ALL ABOUT YOU.

You only get out of it what you put into it.

The Body Haven Project is not about FAST results, it’s about lasting impact. We call it a “project” because YOU are a project - a work in progress. This program is not a “magic bullet.” All you have to do is commit to the program and do the work in order to heal.

You only need to give it your all for THREE MONTHS.

This is my test drive policy. I’m so confident that you’ll SEE results if you’re putting in the work that I personally guarantee it. If you do the work and don’t see results, you can cancel your membership ANY TIME after the first three months, no questions asked. After the first three months, your investment will be $97/month should you wish to continue in the program.


A final word…

As you can see, I’ve been where you are.

Remember that sometimes, no matter how hard it is, change is necessary.

Anything is possible. You CAN create a wellness lifestyle, you CAN be that woman you’ve always wanted to be, you CAN feel like your life is YOURS again.

What I know from my own story is this: your body will only wait for so long. It will only let you continue to work against it for so long. Then it will tell you LOUD and CLEAR that what you’ve been doing is NOT working – and what seems subtle right now might become extreme, alarming, terrifying, and dangerous.

What I MOST want is for you is to take action NOW, before something catastrophic happens.

Your body and your life can’t afford to wait.

And if I know anything about YOU, it’s this: YOU’RE WORTH IT.