What it Means to Be a Coach


Before I became a nutritionist, I was a high school English teacher. I have taught hundreds of kids learn how to write over the years. Some learned faster than others. Some were more gifted than others. Some tried really hard, but got frustrated and gave up. They got angry. They blamed me. They said they hated writing. Then there were those who just looked at it and said "It's too hard" from the beginning and never even tried. 

The one thing that all of these students had in common is that they were all teenagers, and they all brought to the writing table their own personal baggage. They were convinced that they were smart. They were convinced that they were dumb. They had a bad teacher who made them despise the writing process. They had parents who pushed them too hard. They were tired. They had broken up with their girlfriend and then walked into my classroom where I was asking them to write about a book they didn't care about. 

And the one thing that I always had to do was try to coach them in the writing process. To try to help them understand why it was important. To help them internalize the importance of writing at least in a way that was understandable and would get their point across. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Because as adults, we are simply adult versions of our teenage selves. And you can replace the words "writing process" with any skill that you are coming to me to try to build and master. Eating healthy. Exercising. Changing lifestyle habits to avoid disease. And you each bring with you to my coaching table your own baggage. The unsupportive husband. The mother with cancer. The kid who won't cooperate and eat vegetables. The baggage may be bigger and more serious, but it's baggage that it is my job to coach you around, just the same. 

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My job as a coach is to never give up on my clients. No matter how many times they relapse. No matter how many times they walk away from that writing table feeling defeated. My job is to help you learn how to strategize to overcome the issues and the struggles. My job is to help you to internalize the importance of whatever it is you are trying to accomplish - to help you build your confidence - to be your BIGGEST cheerleader. If I give up on my clients, why would they keep trying for themselves? 

I would never close my door door on a student who came to my table to write, even though they didn't want to. And I would never close my door to a client who came to my table to change, even though it's going to be harder than they thought.

Be a Coach

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