How would it feel to…

  • Have an hour to yourself every single day?
  • Have systems in place that would make your day-to-day routines less complicated?
  • Understand how to feed your family in a way that is easy, nutritious, and delicious every day?
  • Have time to {read, write, paint, hike, shop, mindlessly scroll Pinterest, dream}?
  • Lose that extra baby weight that you’ve been carrying around?
  • Have energy to play with your kids?
  • Have the freedom to say, “The laundry will still be there tomorrow...Let’s play dress up!”

That all sounds really great right?

I know what you’re thinking though…How will THIS work better than all of those New Year’s resolutions that I quit back in January?

Jessica is very relaxed, happy, and relatable, and has many options for people to choose from.
— Jennifer G.

I’m so happy that you asked! I go BIG on support. I lay it all out on the line for you and leave no room for you to make up excuses.
I hold you accountable to yourself - to your goals and your dreams.
I support you every step of the way as you learn how to take back that dream of a beautiful life that you once had.
I offer exclusive access to my services through email, check-ins, and Voxer support.


  • Mindfulness and coping strategies.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Healthy Habits for the Home.
  • Self-Care for Sanity.
  • Forest bathing and ecotherapy.
  • Strategies to Intentionally Connect with Your Family.
  • Stress and Anxiety Assessment + Personal Coping Strategies.
  • Develop a healthier relationship with food by connecting with yourself and your triggers.
  • Replacing detrimental and debilitating habits with healthy habits for optimal mental clarity and energy.
  • Personalized stress management plans.
  • Using holistic and behavioral exercises to reduce anxiety and pressure.
  • Body positivity coaching.


  • Organic and Clean Eating for the Whole Family
  • Pantry clean out parties  to rid your life of the JUNK and focus on the good stuff
  • Eating for health: how to minimize disease and maintain a healthy weight
  • Eating for recovery: how nutrition can contribute to your disease recovery process
  • Grocery store ride-alongs with instruction on label reading, finding local deals, and grocery budgeting 
  • Weekly healthy meal planning
  • Healthy eating travel tips
  • Tips for best practices to improve health and quality of life
  • Improving well-being and health through coaching on positive lifestyle changes and weight management techniques*

*Monthly wellness programs available.

In just a single one on one session, Jessica helped me with ALL OF THE THINGS! Daily time management, meal planning, communication with my children and husband, health concerns — and she even gave me a bunch of helpful tools like checklists and charts. She is constantly checking in on me, seeing how I’m doing, asking if I am struggling with anything.
— Danielle F.

There are a variety of nutrition services available now through the LLAM store.

I have nutrition services to help you with everyone in your family tree!

Jessica checked in on me almost daily, she bugged me, she pushed me, she kept reminding me she was there. She listened to me. She shared her struggles with me, which meant more to me than anything anyone else could have done or said. If not for her, what was one of the roughest periods of my adult life could have been so much darker.
— Jennifer K.


and stock your fridge like a MOTHER!