Episode 10: Gratitude & New Seasons of Life

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I am almost halfway through my life -- what have I done and what am I going to do with the rest of it? It's something that nobody talks about. 

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Resources mentioned during the show:

Get Your Soul on the Agenda: A Desire Map Workshop

Danielle LaPorte in her best seller The Desire Map takes you to the heart of Desire Mapping and turns traditional goal setting inside out. Instead of talking about external goals, you uncover how you want to feel in the various parts of your life. Because when you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit of goals itself will become more satisfying. As a licensed Desire Map Facilitator, I offer group and 1:1 sessions with options both in-person and virtually.

Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well-Being

Northrup, Christiane M.D. (ISBN 13:978-1401945169)

This book completely validated my view of what it means to age! Dr. Northrup provides wisdom and practical tips about how ageless living brings back a sense of vibrancy and youthfulness. She explains that the state of our health is dictated far more by our beliefs than by our biology.

The Wisdom of Menopause (Revised Edition): Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change

Northrup, Christiane M.D.

A “go to” reference book with honest and constructive solutions to the inevitable changes of life that occur during menopause. Dr. Northrup shows that women can make menopause a time of personal empowerment- emerging wiser, healthier, and stronger in both mind and body than ever before.

A-ma-ta PuerariaMirifica provides relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause as well as increased energy and vigor. Go to: http://a-ma-ta.com for details.

The Go-Girl Guide to Surviving Your 20s by Julia Bourland

Cultivate by Lara Casey

Lara Casey Journals

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