Episode 13: How to Get Your Kids to Eat Right

childhood nutrition jill castle

“It’s about creating a YES environment around food.”

Jill Castle is one of the nation’s premier childhood nutrition experts. Known as a paradigm shifter who blends current research, practical application and common sense, Jill inspires audiences to think differently about childhood nutrition and feeding kids.

A sought-after speaker, advisor, and media contributor, Jill serves on the Board of Advisors of Parents Magazine, and is advisor to a handful of privately held child nutrition companies.

She is the author of Eat Like a Champion, co-author of Fearless Feeding, pens The Nourished Child blog and regularly contributes to US News & World Report’s For Parents.

Jill is on the podcast today to dish all about childhood nutrition. In this episode, we cover:

  • How to “get a kid to eat”

  • What kinds of healthy and quick breakfasts and snacks are good for picky eaters

  • Creating a “YES” environment around foods

  • How to introduce new “healthy” foods to kids without the pushback

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