BONUS EPISODE: What's the Deal with the Wellness Experience?

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You open your eyes in the morning, just in time for your kids to come bounding in - ready for you to start their day. You roll out of bed, shuffle out of the room, and glance at yourself in the mirror on your way out.

Who IS that?

You pour yourself the first of countless cups of coffee for the day, pull out the ingredients for some pancakes, and get to work wrangling your kids. This one needs his shirt buttoned. That one needs her hair brushed. Lunches made. Snacks packed.

You slap pancakes on plates and turn to grab the burnt pancake that you shove in your mouth as you head downstairs to the laundry room. You throw in a load of laundry and head back upstairs to wrangle some more. Get the kids in the car. Off to school.

You come home and head to the bathroom to shower. You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder where the last five years have gone. No, seriously…WHO IS THAT?? This will be the last time you look in the mirror today.

You move around the house or your job in a fog, going through the motions, doing what’s expected, biding your time between drop off and pick up. You feel like shit but no one has asked you lately how you feel. And when the other moms stop to say, “Hey! How are you?!” you know they don’t really want to know. By the time they get to the word “you” they are already thinking about their own to do lists.

Speaking of which, that list seems never ending. And nowhere on it does it say, “Get to the gym” or “Start a journal” or “Connect with a friend”.

At the end of the day, after all of the dust has settled, you choose pajamas that are comfy (and also double as acceptable to drop the kids off tomorrow wearing) and flop into your bed, drifting off to a fitful sleep that you will probably wake from numerous times in a cold sweat throughout the night — just to start it all again tomorrow.

When was the last time you made YOURSELF a priority, Mama?

  • When was the last time that you felt CONFIDENT about those yoga pants you are wearing?

  • When was the last time that you got out of bed in the morning because you wanted to, energized and ready to tackle YOUR day?

  • When was the last time that you didn’t feel like a slave to your Candida/PCOS/diabetes/metabolic syndrome that’s keeping you from even being able to put one foot in front of the other?

What if you had someone in your corner who knew you SO well that she could give you EXACTLY what you needed to BRING all of those pieces into alignment? Someone who took all of the hard work out of ACTUALLY FINDING the practitioners to do ALL THE THINGS for you?

The Live Like a Mother Wellness Experience is a network of wellness professionals where overwhelmed, tired, time-strapped moms are PERSONALLY MATCHED with affordable service providers who can give them what they need to TAKE CARE of themselves - starting today.

Head over to the LLAM Wellness Experience website for details!

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