Episode 15: Prioritizing Your Relationship After Children

Making your relationship with your significant other a priority builds the solid foundation on which your family thrives.

Making your relationship with your significant other a priority builds the solid foundation on which your family thrives.

Sally Barker is a Pregnancy & Birth Trauma Healing Coach, Podcaster, Journalist, and Author based in Perth, Western Australia.

First and foremost, though, she is the proud Mamma of identical twin girls. It wasn’t always the case though. Like most people, Sally spent many years honing her skills and building a career. From sourcing, editing, and presenting primetime radio news, to holding the fort as the Rural and Resources Reporter for ABC Radio in the northwest of W.A., and stepping it up a notch as a Senior Television Reporter for Channel 7 Perth, Ten Eyewitness News, 9 News Perth, and the state-wide Golden West News.

Not long after finishing an assignment for ABC Radio in the northwest of W.A.,and leaving the sweet red dirt of the Pilbara, a new challenge came to pass. Parenthood. And, Sally was blessed with not one bundle of joy, but two. Her pregnancy was fraught with complications, and her girls were born at just 28 weeks’ gestation. That’s when her empathetic nature collided with her journalistic skills, and the seed was planted to write a book to help others in the same or similar situation.

Not only that, under the Double Happiness Multiplied banner, Sally has released a podcast, has a comprehensive website, and a Facebook community for mums who experienced pregnancy & birth trauma. She also coaches women one-on-one as they lean into healing from pregnancy and birth trauma. Her purpose is to support, guide, and nurture families as they navigate this fabulous world multiples.

Sally is on the podcast today to talk about healing yourself AND your relationship after the birth of children. In this episode, we cover:

  • Healing your birth trauma

  • Productive communication with your spouse

  • Managing expectations in a relationship

  • Finding your way back to your spouse after your children are born

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In this show we mention:

The Gottman Institute

Up All Night with Christina Applegate

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

Table Topics for Couples

Your Husband has 5 Basic Needs

Your Wife has 5 Basic Needs

The Good Wife’s Guide

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