Episode 0205: Weight Loss for Life

“When you've struggled with your weight your whole life, a lot of it isn't on YOU anymore." Dr. Richa Mittal

“When you've struggled with your weight your whole life, a lot of it isn't on YOU anymore." Dr. Richa Mittal

Dr. Richa Mittal is an internal medicine and obesity medicine physician with her own preventive health and weight loss practice in the Dallas suburbs.

She structured her practice to give patients one-on-one, personalized care. She was able to spend time treating them medically, but also as their health coach, instructing them on nutrition, lifestyle, and strategies like fasting. She finds it so exciting to help them prevent and reverse chronic diseases!

She enjoys creating and sharing healthier versions of recipes and believes food is medicine!

On social media, she is passionate about sharing information on how to use an integrative approach to treat the whole person- using fasting, gut health, stress management, and nutrition to meld holistic and traditional medical approaches.

Dr. Richa is on the podcast today to talk about weight loss for life. In this episode, we cover:

  • helping people transform behaviorally as well as physically

  • the use of appetite suppressants

  • the truth about BMI and how to truly measure obesity

  • “setpoints”

  • leading a plant-based lifestyle as a mother

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In this show, we mention:

Texas Health Statistics

How to find Waist Circumference

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