Episode 14: The Spiritual Guide to Health as a Busy Mom

Spiritual Guide to Health

Carrie Rubin knows what it’s like to be a perfectionist — as she is a recovering perfectionist herself! In this week’s episode, we dish all about what it takes to really get to a place of wellness, and surprisingly, it’s about more than what you put in your mouth!

Carrie Rubin is a Certified Health Coach and the Founder and CMO (Chief Mom Officer) of The Modern Mom Society, a podcast and blog that provides a space for moms to learn, connect, commiserate, and celebrate motherhood. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two kids, a seven year old girl and a five year old boy.

Carrie is on the podcast today to dish all about the spiritual path to health and wellness. In this episode, we cover:

The steps to finding the right practitioners

Hearing what your body (and heart!) needs

Cutting through the noise to come to a place of real growth

Steps to take to create spirituality in your life

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Carrie Mentions:

Flo Living


Holistic Moms Network

Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 Breathing Method

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