Quick Breakfast Cups

I don't know about you, but mornings can be crazy hectic in my house. I try to get up about an hour before everyone to get my workout done and spend some quiet time planning out my day, but once Jane and Emma's feet hit the floor, it's on like Donkey Kong.  

Hershey and I both need to shower and get ready. Jane and Emma need a snack and to get dressed and brush teeth. Then we've got to get about 14,000 bags of crap plus the kids loaded into the car.  

Notice that I didn't say a word about breakfast. 

Partly because Hershey doesn't eat breakfast, and partly because I don't feed Jane and Emma breakfast at home in the morning because they get it wherever they are going (I know, I'm spoiled).

But I personally wake up FAMISHED every morning. No matter what. Back before kids I would get up and make myself an omelette every morning and sit in front of the TV watching the news and sipping coffee. Those days are long gone. If I can throw an English muffin in my face before flying out the door I'm lucky. And God forbid I bring something in the car with me.

"Mommy what are you eating? Can I have a bite??"

And you know how that goes.

So I had to come up with an alternative, because mama needs protein in the morning to get my energy going, and now that I workout in the morning, I also need protein to help repair and heal my muscles. So I came up with the GENIUS idea of egg cups, which I prepare ahead of time on Sunday during my prep and stick in the fridge to reheat quickly all week. 

All I do is pop 2 of these onto a plate, put them into the microwave for one minute, and then eat as I pack my lunch and get backpacks ready to go. Oh and drink my coffee.

Here's how it goes: