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The health industry in America has led us to believe that “doctor knows best” - and that may be true in some cases.

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and told that you need to “change your diet and lifestyle” but have no idea where to start - I’m here to guide you.

But if you just feel exhausted and cranky and know that something has GOT to change I can help you with that, too.


  • Disease Prevention and Risk Reduction

  • Post-Illness Nutrition and Lifestyle Education

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle for Mental Health Support

  • Low-FODMAP Protocol for IBS

  • AIP lifestyle

  • Food Sensitivity Screening

  • Stress Management Design

  • Routine Development and Implementation

  • Clean Eating

  • Reading Food Labels

  • Deciphering Fad Diets

  • Mindful Eating


Master Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a simple concept that involves paying attention to the act of eating. When you sit down with your favorite Netflix show and a bag of chips, how long is it before you realize that you have eaten half of the bag? Do you know your own hunger or fullness cues? Do you eat because you are bored, or because you actually need nourishment?

In this online masterclass, I will guide you through the steps that it takes to letting go of the rules of what you "can" or can't" eat, to bring you to a place of self-management and listening to your body's natural hunger cues. We will practice mindfulness and restore a positive relationship with food and body.

• How to be in charge of your eating instead of feeling out of control
• How to eat your favorite foods without feeling guilty
• How to eat nutrient-rich foods without feeling deprived


Food Sensitivity Testing

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, the food that you are putting into your body still makes you feel like crap. You can’t lose the weight. You suffer from frequent headaches, and your doctors have all told you that there is nothing wrong with you.

It’s time for you to try something different.

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Research has shown that telephone-based interventions effectively boost nutritional health, prevent relapses and communicate clinical advice, especially for clients with limited access to medical services.

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