The VIP Package

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin?

Felt so self conscious in a bathing suit that you wore shorts and a tank top to the beach instead?

Have you tried ALL THE DIETS and gained back the weight every single time?

Caught yourself standing over the kitchen sink eating a tub of ice cream, feeling awful about your decision at every bite before tossing it and promising yourself that you will “start again Monday”?

But need the accountability of a friend to remind you to get your butt to the gym and make healthier choices?

it’s time to level up.

I’m here to help you get control of your health and wellness so that you can focus on becoming that woman you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether your goal is weight loss, building a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family, or adopting a whole new way of living so that you can live a long, healthy life, I will get you on the right track without fad diets, hours at the gym, and without starving yourself.

health and wellness expert

You want to live your healthiest and most energetic life for as long as you live -- and I want to help you get there! Over the next 12 weeks, we will unpack:

  • Nutrition and Diet Education to get you out of the yo-yo diet cycle

  • Personalized Movement Strategies to get you feeling confident in that bathing suit again

  • Stress Management to get you out of hiding and into those party clothes

  • Mindset Strategies so that you can stop sabotaging your hard work

And here's how we will get you there:

  • 60-minute foundation session

  • Weekly private strategy sessions (12 total) either in person or virtually

  • Individually curated resources to support your healthy lifestyle

  • Lifetime access to all resources

  • Accountability support - you have 24/7 access to me via text message or email

  • 6 Scheduled SOS calls, to discuss specific issues or receive intensive accountability support between sessions

  • Discounted quarterly strategy sessions after these 3 months are complete.